I am a facilitator, forest farmer and guerrilla ecologist living and working in the UNESCO designated Beaver Hills Biosphere.

My graduate studies focused on the conflicts and cultural dynamics involved with resource extraction in Indigenous territory in Northern British Columbia, Canada. This research explored embodied senses of place, community, and self-determination as impacted by the disruption of local subsistence patterns via forestry, industrial mining operations, ecological degradation, and and settler-colonial state policies.

After leaving academia I pursued a career in non-profit community services and social-work. This involved working closely with a variety of people and organizations to design and implement public health initiatives engaging urban communities as sites of contested lifeways, priorities, and meaning.

In 2018 my professional focus shifted to projects and policy work in public healthcare and education within isolated rural communities in Northern Alberta.

I am also a co-founding director of the Cooking Lake Moraine Stewardship Society, and co-coordinator of the Beaver Hills Land-Food Alliance.

I am a passionate & wild accomplice with all that is marginalized and endangered, working at depth and scale to help mitigate and adapt to the rough roads ahead.

Contact or follow me on Twitter @BrightAbyss