I’m an anthropologist & organic farmer with over two decades of experience in public health and community organizing.

My graduate research focused on the cultural dynamics and conflicts involved with resource extraction and indigenous self-determination in Northern British Columbia, Canada. Our fieldwork tracked local subsistence patterns, settler-colonial state policy, industrial mining practices, ecological impact, and embodied senses of place among a mixed population of land & water defenders.

Subsequent work has involved projects engaging urban ecosystems as sites of contested priorities, policy regimes, and public health infrastructures. Cities are crucibles, and how everyday life is designed for or with people matters – especially in the context of a rapidly heating planet.

Throughout, I have remained involved in and collaborating with various activist networks, mutual-aid groups, and environmental advocacy organizations.

Current projects:

  • Operating a small agroforestry farm and permaculture lab in The Beaver Hills, Alberta, Canada.
  • Organizing a local alternative growers collaborative with a combined focus on regenerative food production, ecological stewardship, and community enrichment.
  • Collaborating on the creation of a cooperative agroecology farm & bioregional field school that helps people enact deeply adaptive alternatives to a faltering globalized civilization.
  • Developing a next generation Community Land Trust (CLT) as commons-based land conservation & local food security strategy.

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